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Why Blaine is Satine and Kurt is Christian

Blaine was the star of the Warblers, their leading man.  People are naturally drawn to him and the Warblers keep trying to get him back. | Satine was the star of the Moulin Rouge. Men came from all over to just see her and wanted her.

Kurt fell in love with him the moment he saw Blaine. | Christian did the same with Satine.

Blaine gave up the Warblers to be with Kurt | Satine gave up other men for Christian (this one’s a little off because she never much cared for those men)

New York takes Kurt away from Blaine | The Duke threatens Christian to stay away from Satine.

Blaine can’t handle the distance and cheats on Kurt | Satine doesn’t want to go back to being a whore so she’s willing to give herself to the Duke and betrays Christian.

Kurt comes back and tells Blaine that he cant excuse what he did and rejects him | Christian does the same to Satine

Blaine sings Come What May in the hope that they can get back together | Satine sings the song he wrote for her in the hope that Christian will come back to her. (The song itself isn’t as important to Klaine but we all know how their duets shape their relationship)

So does Kurt forgive everything as Christian did? Does Blaine have some sort of metaphorical death like Satine’s real one?

Anyone have any other good character parallels they’d like to share?

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    Because at this point we can’t even know which version will glee use… There are two different lyrics, the version used...
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    I don’t, but I would like to underline that there’s a big sex and death connection in general, and in Moulin Rouge...
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    In this case, should we be looking at “Come What May” in 4.15 as the reprise, since that one is started by Satine at the...
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